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of maryland. hey, jamie. >> reporter: welcome to cumberland! here we are. three, four ♪ [music] ♪ we'll play it for you on maine street here in beautiful cumberland. main street of the magic kingdom except for the? >> the mouse. >> look at this. cover lady boss singing hello. >> describe allegheny county. >> 60,000 acres of public land and this beautiful town right in the middle of it. >> reporter: we're going to show you cumberland and music from the shop owners here. look at the mountains. the leaves start to change right up there on the hill. we're on the mountain side of maryland today on the go with jamie costello! back to you. >>> a gorgeous weekend to be there. we'll check in with you in a bit but first we want to talk about yesterday's shooting at johns hopkins hospital which ended with two people dead and a doctor seriously wounded. police say 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington, virginia shot the doctor who was interesting his mother then shot his mother and eventually himself. the fact pardus was able to bring a gun into the hospital has raised a lot of questions and something a
him checking out cumberland all the way over in allegheny county in western maryland. jamie, what are you doing out there? >> reporter: wear on baltimore street in the heart of cumberland. a lot of you may have gone to frostburg, may have worked at the paper mill out there in luke and a lot of you are going to the lake today or stopping for a pit stop, but come to cumberland. we were invited and that's where we are. we're talking to ed who runs main street. he said the only thing missing is the mouse. doesn't it look like main street usa in disney world? they have a lot of shops, restaurants, nightlife galore, new restaurants opening up in town. also, we're here for the beauty of allegheny county. we were out here and went to rocky gap. they call it the mountain side of maryland. we're going to show you what's up and what we're missing. that's why we're here in cumberland today. at 9:00 we'll meet all of the friendly people in cumberland and frostburg and everybody in between. we're on the go in cumberland. allegheny county. >> the video is just beautiful. we'll have to check in l
overhead. 86 in marlon tinnon. 82 in cumberland, 86 in fredericksburg, 85 in waldorf. there is higher humidity levels. low humidity especially to the northwest. 53 in cumberland. that is comfortable. it was 87 yesterday. five degrees above average for this time of year. today's record high is 104. we neethis was the hottest summr on record for the district. we are not going to get near the record high temperature. notice the pinwheel motion over wisconsin and minnesota. there's a cold front that will push into our region throughout the day tomorrow. behind the front is cooler air. that is the september air. the cold front we got in the summer when we would go down to 92 degrees, not like that. r high temperatures will be in the upper 70's or maybe 80 degrees for the second half of the workweek. partly cloudy tonight, dropping to the mid 60's or the bus stop tomorrow morning. partly cloudy and still warm tomorrow, near 90. if not very humid. thursday through friday, near 80. a dry weather pattern. of sunshine. best chance of rain on sunday. we could use this hours. >>> a local school h
for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. i'll be in cumberland tomorrow this time. >> what's that all about? >> we are going to be on the c&o canal and show you railroads. when is the last time you were in cumberland? >> it's been a long time. years. >> it's changed. >> pretty. >> the mountain side of maryland. that's what we call t we'll show you all the pretty shots in cumberland tomorrow. >> we'll take a drive out there later on today. >> not now? >> no, because first we have a lot to talk about. a lot of guests. we want to tell you about how to get involved in a great event to benefit the libraries. i think too often we forget how important they were. how much time did you spend as a kid in the library? you might not be -- >> look what i'm doing for a living. not enough. >> they are really important so we are going to talk more about that coming up. >>> swim across america. we are so lucky to have this event in baltimore. michael phelps is going to be out there, raising a lot of money for cancer research. >> we'll hear more about that. and we want to talk about the ani
cumberland. 76 -- excuse me, 72 oakland. 76 cumberland. 83 culpeper. breezy for the mountain answer the coast. 82 or so downtown. 80 for annapolis. small craft advisory for the bay an tidal potomac. 82 tomorrow. 80 on wednesday. showers are possible on friday an showers could linger in to saturday but not a huge deal and sunday is nice. the skins are at home again and you can watch it here on channel 9 and then warmer air next monday the mid-80s. >>> the skins made us wait for it, wait for it but then they opened with a win. >> they won without an offensive touchdown which is rare in the nfl but a win unless. for the moment everyone in the building thought they lost the game and then a last-second reprieve from the executioner. the redskins react to the bizarre finish. and plus, another tantrum from haynesworth. see his latest mast piece. nine sports. transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we suppor
. >> thanks for joining us, thursday. >> hey listen, i'll be in cumberland tomorrow, broadcasting live on our on the go. i have my winter jacket ready. >> me and julia, down by the studio. >> simon and garfunkel. >> i feel like i'm in a barber shop this morning. we're not going to look at extreme chill any time soon. mild morning, thanks to the increasing clouds. small chance of clouds. if anything, mr. costello, you'll knee the waterproof jacket tonight. do you think we'll get a lot of rain out of there in time for you to go out in western maryland. wet weather in the tropics. karl hit mexico, back over the water, strengthening, you've got hurricane igor at 34. currently 56 degrees, your start point on the thermometer and bel air. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. >> well from cumberland to cambridge and from cockeysville to columbia, everything's looking pretty good so far on the roads this morning. we don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen burnie at baltimore annapolis boulevard and mountain road. you could see fire equipment there blocking the inte
in control and it's really dropping temperatures. bradford, pennsylvania is 35 degrees. it's 48 in cumberland. we've got 56 in spring field. 50 in rockville. looking at today at a glance national 64. 747 at noon and 79 for the drive home and gorgeous afternoon ahead. hello to angie. >> looking good. hope you're off to a terrific tuesday. we're going to begin with our live shot in virginia. everything out here looking a-okay. as we continue onto 395 we're going to find our lanes wide open. we also want to take you to south capital street. those of you trying to cross the douglas bridge you're going to be reduced down to one lane. that's only going to last until about 5:00. it's very nice and quiet this way. finally we'll wrap it up with the capital beltway. here is your outer loop live. no problems to report. drivers still moving at speeds making their way into virginia. back to you. >>> today the senate will hold a procedural vote on whether or not to repel the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. that policy prohibits service members from revealing if they are gay. it prohibits recruiter
maryland and west virginia. live doppler 9000 hd zoom in to western maryland. cumberland, get ready it is not raining now but will be in a few minutes. 68 to frostburg and out to friendsville and grantsville seeing all of this rain and could be a rumble 0 thunder mixed in with this as the area is moving to the east at 25 miles an hour. back on the weather computer, you can see the different where it is raining and not raining. cumberland 63. petersburg 72. where the sun has been out, look at the temperatures down south. tappahannock isle 8 degrees. -- 88 degrees. 87 fredericksburg. 67 martinsburg. big temperature differences. and here in town we are at 80 degrees with mostly cloudy sky and a south wind at 13. dew points are creeping up as more moisture heads this way. there's the showers we are watching the with the storm system out of the great lakes. rains from western new york down to parts of tennessee. turnly for us this will break up a bit as it moves in our direction. so we won get, i don't think a lot of rain, but we will take whatever we can get. big picture, warm front to
chance of showers twain between hagerstown and cumberland. zone forecast, maybe a shower in oakland. 76 tomorrow. 82 cumberland. mid-80s in hagerstown and winchester. almost 90 in culpeper. mid-80s for leesburg and warrenton, manassas and also middleburg. downtown mid to upper 80s. chance of a sprinkle, upper to mid-80s on the bay and small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. 897 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle and much cooler. low 70s with clouds and maybe drizzle or shower by late in the day. it will not be a washout, just kind of cool. on monday a better chance of rain, showers and storms in the upper 70s and may bleed in to tuesday and very nice on wednesday, thursday and friday. >> looks like the forecast is going to get on the right track. we want to know if the redskins can get on the winning track. >> number 92 would help, wouldn't it? >> if he got in the game and got in the head and heart. >> a big boo boom hanes wto didn't suit up last week but all signs point to a change this week. and also trent williams has been hobbled since the texans game. he took strides to get bac
winds, clear skies, temperatures really drop. in cumberland it is 46. same with williamsport. 41 in bradford pennsylvania. 63 here in town. ocean city, atlantic city in the 50s and norfolk in the mid- 60s. winchester 52. petersburg 48. the bay, bay temperatures in the lower 70s. annapolis 68. 55 it's a beautiful morning in cambridge and tappahannock and fredericksburg and gaithersburg checking in with 57. 63 clear skies at national. a light northeasterly wind at six miles an hour and the dew point 50. oh, that's a good number this time of the year. the air feels good. while it feels good around here you can see what is going on around the country. plenty of storms from the northern plains and rockies through the great lakes. these are north of us in pennsylvania. an then in the gulf of mexico, check this out. this is a new tropical depression. classified last night td number ten. it would be hermine. it should make terror strength the next day or so coming on shore south of brownsville and bringing rains across south texas the next couple of days. right now 378-miles from brownsv
had some 40s out there. right now 60s to 71 at pax river at the naval air station. 57 cumberland. that's the cool spot. winchester 63. locally manassas and sterling and leesburg 64. so is rockville and 61 columbia and laurel. 62 for our friends in crofton. arlington 68 and here in washington we sit at 70 at reagan national. 73 by 9:00. 84 by noon and 88 at five with the high around 90 degrees. the front comes through tomorrow bringing us changes by thursday and friday. i will have that at 5:15. right now it is 5:01 and here's angie. >>> rise and shine. welcome to the 5:00 hour. right now it is all good outside. move it to 66. taking you live eastbound so far moving at speed to inside the beltway from centreville. as we take you to the beltway, we stay in virginia. no real problems from 95 past 86 making your way up to the american legion bridge. let's move it next to maryland. didn't forget about you. tracking the 270 trip. everything is clear past father hurley to the split. and we will wrap with a look at the maps. 95 and the bw parkway, nice clean and green. you are okay making your
of flanked by ocean city. and 21 did 25 in cumberland for two different reasons. down on the shore, direct impact because of earl moving away. but coming in from the west, well, that's the high pressure trying to build in. the same front that is pushing earl up to the northeast. and the high pressure behind it, creating the pressure between those two systems. and the higher winds are out to the west as a result. we will continue to keep you posted. for now, back inside. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. >>> first warning weather coverage continues now with adam may, live in ocean city, where earl is causing minor problems there. adam? >> reporter: well, very minor. and not much of a problem at this very moment. as bob turk just said, the last rain moved out. and i just saw my first glimpse of blue sky in the last couple of days t. it is really shaping up to be a pretty nice day. the boardwalk, once again open. people are back here, heading up of the some of the shops. and you know how those shops are. you can find all kinds of different trinkets and souvenirs. they've got a new one, esp
-digit winds have calmed down. 13-mile-per-hour sustained winds. high winds out in the cumberland valley are the result of a front moving through. they could be generating winds stronger than what earl did on the coastline. gusts on the shore are around 20 miles per hour in cumberland. around 28. again, that front is pushing through. it's the same front that is going to help continue to move earl into the northeast. bob will have the complete updated first warning forecast. >>> before the storm reached maryland. hurricane earl brought gusty winds to north carolina's coast. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, from the outer banks, where the cleanup is already under way. >>> earl spared the yowrtd bank -- outer banks, a direct hit. >> it was a lot of shaking. a lot. >> around 2:00 in the morning, it woke us up. water hitting the door so hard at the hotel. >> reporter: wind gusted more than 75 miles per hour. and driving rain pelted the coast. utility crews are busy trying to restore power to thousands left in the dark. water surrounds many ocean front homes. little raven vance and her family
down in cumberland and saint indigos but mile and a quarter in york. temperatures 60s and low 70s an highs today 90 to 95. lunchtime 84. slight chance of were one or two storms but liking nothing like yesterday. we begin in virginia and show you the live conditions hoar. the accident at 395 northbound is approaching seminary. taking away a couple of left lanes. drivers are back down around the duke street exit to the point. a report of an accident on the inner loop approaching route 5 in maryland. as you can see from our live shot here in the pennsylvania avenue exit a good amount of volume is building. debris in in the road. this is something we have been watching. 185 at viers mill road. we are losing the right lane. that's the latest. over to you. >> today president obama will deliver his second address before the u.n. general assembly in new york. the president is expected to highlight progress in iraq and afghanistan as well as defending u.s. efforts to restart middle east peace talks after a two-year lull. the president will almost certainly raise the issue of nuclear weapon
will turn to the south and 5. we will get up to 81 or 82. 64 in easton. 59 from cumberland and 63 in culpeper. just about everybody is in the 60s across the board. 68 in college park to 65 arlington. fairfax is 69. 64 in laurel. 66 in brandywine. over to andrews and crofton as well 66 degrees. 69 at national. a few clouds. north wind at 13. that is the key. that's bringing in drier air and cooler air the next couple of days. you watch the dew point number drop as the drier cooler air filters down from the north. that front is south and east of us now. we will continue to watch the front pull away and stay south and east of us a couple of days. heat coming by midweek. in the tropics, this is igor north of bermuda. julia, julia is barely a tropical storm. just coming off africa again, this cluster of storms has the potential to become lisa in the next couple of days. one more look at igor. igor is about 130 miles or so north of bermuda. minimal hurricane. they had gusts over 90 as igor passed to the west of bermuda. wave heights over 30 feet. seven-day forecast, we are nice today an
of days. it could lead to some flooding. we could still use some moisture here. cumberland, 50 degrees. mid-70s degrees locally this afternoon. an increase in clouds and morning sunshine. some late day showers are expected. heaviest rain tonight through midday tomorrow. what do you have on traffic? >>> not much. overnight construction and has been moved out of the way. southern maryland, things are good. green light on 95. a little more action out of frederick on the 270. 95 and 66, travel times are still with us. greenway and the toll road, we give you the green light. >>> thanks. >> up next, the debate over deer hunting. >>> who is heading home with? the singer or the situation? >>> who is heading home with? the singer or the situation? we wil more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >> michael and chelsea. >> michael bolton was the next person to be booted from "dancing with the star's". we will hear more from him and his partner and a lit
. the recent ad says 76 is the high is because the computer switched at midnight. 62 cumberland. the cooler air is out there. the almanac, the temperatures yesterday on saturday, 93 degrees, not quite a record at reagan national. it broke the record at dulles airport. a number 67 of 90 degrees or better. has not happened since 1980. we shattered the old record, 1988, 59 days of 90 degrees or better. with october still on the way, i think we will. the record this year. 56 degrees at pittsburgh, 70 hagerstown, 83 raleigh. the frontal system to the south, cool air to the north and west, minneapolis 40 degrees, freeze warnings and wisconsin nothing like that for us, but we're watching the storm system taking shape to the south and west over the tennessee valley, eventually moving our way for the day tomorrow. monday and tuesday, beneficial rains, 1-2 inches of much-needed rain on the way. this is the storm track, looking for heaviest rain to the south and west. this would be across western virginia, looking at the rain totals? 1-2 inches across the immediate metro, the potomac high lands, shenandoa
tomorrow. clouds on the increase. 74 cumberland and mid-70s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. 80 culpeper. nice day. the clouds will thicken quicker if you are west of town. upper 70s for leesburg and manassas. downtown not quite 80. still a nice day. 77 gaithersburg, upper 70s at andrews. no winds to speak of tomorrow. no advisories for the bay or tidal potomac. upper 70s tomorrow. clouds come in. 75 on sunday. again, most of the showers in the morning and early afternoon and looks very light at this point. like less than a tenth of an inch. not going to do much good in terms of the fire danger. and then we clear out again on monday. temperatures around 80 and great in the 70s on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> sounds good. >> this has been a modified version of 9 news now at 6:00 but we are so glad you joined us. derek will fill you in on the day's news in a couple of minutes on the other side of the break. he's going to come in for 9 news now at 7. have a great weekend an we hope to see you at or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highwa
that will move our way. 79 in cumberland and 66 degrees in oakland. the front gets through and it's tapping into much cooler air behind it. tomorrow, being closer to 90, today, we're in the 70s and here's the front doing that. it tried to make the connection with hermine. we'll get in on the dry air. the winds will come in from the west and keep it breezy out there. then, towards the weekend, the next storm system will pick up the moisture from hermine and move our way. and now, the forecast comes together like this, today, windy and warm, getting closer to 90 degrees and tonight, we'll cool it down, tonight, into the 50s and breezy and cooler. 76 degrees for the high and sunshine and clouds building up and a refreshing day. the cool air stays in place throughout friday and then, another for the weekend. >>> every 60 seconds, someone dies from cancer and katie couric is live with more on how we can all help in the effort to stand up to cancer and take part in the special event airing friday, at 8:00. welcome to our noon news. >> thank you, don, nice to be here. >> this is the third time, bu
. it will be cooler in the higher elevations like martinsburg, 58. cumberland, 59 degrees. it is in the '60s for the most part. clear skies overhead, influenced by the hyper system that moved offshore. the sinking motion in that atmosphere inhibits clouds. a few patchy clouds should develop this afternoon. there's action in the midwest. a frontal boundary, that front is not going to make it to our area. it will stay to the north. that will keep the cool air to the north. the high-pressure system moved offshore, with a clockwise rotation all the way through friday. that means heat and humidity for us. we will be on the warmer side of the jet stream until this weekend. your forecast today, near 90 with a slight chance of thunderstorms midday. that will build instability with added moisture and a little energy this afternoon. a few isolated storms possible. tomorrow, dry with sunshine. low 90's the next couple days. cooling on the weekend. >>> the beltway is open on the virginia side between the bulls and bridge and the american legion bridge. overnight work is complete. nothing complicated on
are unusually low because we're in a very dry period. also, we are approaching low tide. interesting. cumberland 68. look at the morning low in the 40's. hancock 43. reagan national was closed to 57 for a low temperature. right now we are at 70 in frederick. manassas of 276. arlington bond up a little bit at 75. -- manassas at 76. today will be similar to yesterday. a record $igh is 96. that was set in 1885. here is a look at the satellite and radar composite. this is a cold front. this will show lelowly push eas. a back, when will kick in. the southerly wind will bump are temperaáures up. tonight mostly clear skies. 6 quite as cool as what we had last night. =v(>>> d.dc. car owners are beig asked to give up their vehicle for one month. some are being asked to carpool or fight. and >> i use my car for a 5 minute trip verses hopping on the metro. >> program leaders said lester 65% of the participants said3 participating in the challenge. a new case of bedbugs cropping up in frederick county. frederick county public library is temporary close. the urbana library was closed after spotting them in
through. look at cumberland, 77 degrees. a wide range of temperatures this afternoon. that is why we are predicting anywhere from the low 80's to 90 . more on the extended forecast, coming up. >> thank you. officials are investigating after an infant died in a d.c. home. the infant was rushed to hospital. preliminary reports show the baby was coughing up formula while eating. investigators are looking into the circumstances of the child's death. crews have recovered the body of a man who drowned off the coast of ocean city. he disappeared august 28 after jumping into the ocean while lifeguards were off-duty. powerful recurrence are believed to have pulled him under. boats found him 16 miles from the coast. we have breaking news coming to us. pompous fund says it will bring terrorism charges against -- pakistan says it will bring terrorism charges against the three men involved in the failed times square bombing. the accused bomber pleaded guilty back in june to 10 charges. he will be sentenced this fall. the secretary of defense is now adding his voice to those opposing a plan to bur
. cumberland, 46 degrees. fredericksburg, 57. down in southern maryland, warmer. along the water. the water is warmer than the air this time of day, this time of year. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average for this time of year. record is 98 degrees. mostly sunny today. >>s the about 4:40 right now. it is about 4:40 right now. not a lot of people on the roads this labor day. >> of course, the holiday certainly taking effect. the first shot you're seeing there. no traffic coming into town and of course, on the american legion bridge, also finally, as quiet as can be. >> looking great. the 14th street bridge. once again, just a couple cars, so if you have to go to work like us, you're in good company. coming up on the show -- >> we've got cleaning up on cragse list, the online bulletin board cuts a very controversial section. >> this is a completely fictitious committee. >> but first a warning for voters >> in or top stories at 4:4 4, investigators are looking forer four people who attacked and robbed a university of maryland student. it happened on hart wick road and college park. the s
. yesterday 95. not a record at national. 94 dulles. a touch of fog in cumberland this morning. visible three-quarterss of a mile. everyone else is in decent shape with clear to partly cloudy skies. lower 60s in a few spots and even in martinsburg, the mountains in west virginia but cumberland reporting fog. we have areas we don't have observations from but watch out for couple of patches of fog and more heat today. near the 80s near the bay. annapolis 84. ten degrees warmer in culpeper and winchester 92 here which is about 15 above average for this time of the year. angie? >> we are feeling it. okay. right now we are dealing with debris on the roadway in silver spring. 185 southbound at viers mill road we are losing the right lane. 270, southbound construction there at montgomery village avenue and northbound watch for it at 189. 86 is clear to the -- 66 is clear though beltway. >>> looked like a scene from a horror movie, sea of fink bugs marching across a frederick county, home. they are all over from the district to west virginia. here's james hash just back from hazardous duty. >> i have
.20. yesterday 30.20, too. all these temperatures, yeah, warm and stuffy. cumberland, hagerstown, we're on our way to hot temperatures again this afternoon. cumberland in the mid-80s. everyone else mid-90s. 71 columbia. 77 rock all. 75 kent island. the district at 75. okay. so here's this big dloam of high pressure. or's the cloud shield of earl making an approach. this is the cold front sitting out to the west. it's a cool dynamic. when you have tropical weather moving your way you have a big blocking high. if the high is going to di min nirks the next best scenario is to bring a frontal system in from the west which will help to stave off that tropical weather. there was not a big frontal system, a change in barometric pressure. that storm may have come inland. it appears to be staying at bay. we'll revisit in a second. today 93. 54th day above not no 66, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, even with earl in close proximity, partly sunny, 88. i can see it getting a bit of a downgrade. the effects inland don't appear to be all that hey nor must. once we get into the weekend no change. 79, 80 and 80. tue
pepper. cumberland, 63 and in the upper 70s in western maryland. one thing you probably noticed a little more humid than it has opinion. south wins faye to ten. clear and muggy and 77 right now. itthe discovery hostage situation wreaked havoc with drivers and commuters. it is carrying over this morning and that's where we begin. police activity at colesville and wayne. and wayne is closed between colesville and georgia. moving to 95, some construction at 218. northbound at powder mill. 270, watch for it northbound at falls. back to jessica. >>> there are no new ipads coming from apple yet but major announcements about the world's most popular music players. molly has more. >> we are doing -- >> reporter: steve jobs announced a new ipad leanup and the puggest news out of the event is the revamp of apple tv. >> we are introducing the sec generation of apple tv today and this is what it looks like. >> reporter: the new version including a movie and tv rental service. you rent shows for prices starting at 99 cents. apple revery muched the category killing line ofipod music players, new shuff
approaches from the west. 72 in oakland and 82 in cumberland and ocean city, by the water, cooler and a bit of a breeze. 73 and the hot spot, d.c. jumped up. that's warm this time of the year, but the humidity is so low, you don't notice it like in july. the winds will go south west for a while before shifting to the west, northwest. it could get gusty tomorrow night. a breezy day expected friday. and already, some good activity showers and thunderstorms and even possibilities of strong thunderstorms over the dakotas. and the bulk of that will cross the great lakes. it will trail a front tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. that's where we'll see the thunderstorms if they survive across the mountains. we could see an isolated thunderstorm and brief, and gusty by tomorrow. that's into the evening hours and a chance of a little bit of rain. most of it to the north and unfortunately, we need the rain. it will be dry. and for the year, we're not that below normal. but for the last month and with the sun, it's dried out. warm air comes in briefly during the day tomorrow. we'll have nice, mild
in martinsburg. cumberland at 48. some areas up in pennsylvania this morning like bradford down to 35 in the northern part of the state. dew points are in the 40s. the winds north/northwest at 6. we don't have any clouds there. severe thunderstorm watch in northern wisconsin this morning. some strong storms there. that's ahead of a cold front. that front should put things in motion. that will be getting closer toward us as we go throughout the next couple of days. here we go. notice at 1:00 the showers and storms there. they will try to be with us across northern sections as we go through the afternoon. we should be in pretty good shape this afternoon with high temperatures right around 80 degrees. some spots in the upper 70s. this is lisa well out in the atlantic. 40 miles an hour winds and not going to be a problem for us. your seven-day forecast it's going to be hot. today looks great. tomorrow, thursday, friday up around 90. the chance for an afternoon storm tomorrow and thursday afternoon. next week could be a storm coming up the coast by monday. it could be cool and wet with a h
--www.ncicap.org-- >> only about 6:10 this wednesday morning. cumberland, 50 degrees, or fishing. cooler than yesterday. 52 degrees and warrenton. 55 in fredericksburg. in some locations we are 10 degrees cooler now than yesterday at this time. attorneys vowel, west virginia, 51. -- keyneysville. 82 degrees for the high temperature this afternoon. no big swings in the temperature expected anytime soon. 85 tomorrow with a slight chance of showers tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. >> traffic is slowing down in virginia along 66 eastbound into manassas. 28 centreville. 50 to 123. nville rd.the garrison vow the baltimore washington parkway is quiet. 270 southbound approaching 109. quiet crowd on route 4 and route 5 in maryland. looks good on route for ander route 5. 270 approaching 109 on the screen. back to you. >> thank you. >>> heisman trophy winner reggie bush is forfeiting his awards. he's giving back the trophy. the scandal over improper benefits when used with the university of southern california should not stand the dignity of the board, he says. he was awarded the trophy in 2005
the south, dc is the warmest spot at 60 degrees. we do have 40s out there this morning. 45 in cumberland, 45 in coke land, 54 in hagerstown, 53 on the shore, 57 toward pax river with the winds coming in from the southwest at just around 5 miles per hour. calm readings around most of the state. it will be a pretty delightful day. not half as much cloud cover as yesterday. we didn't have any rain in the forecast. we had a lot of clouds out there. low pressure offshore kicking back moisture into the region. what we're watching a built of dynamic, low pressure associated cold front moving in from the west. it's going to lift across the region tomorrow. we'll start to see clouds thicken tonight. tomorrow we'll see showers off and on. not really a lot of rain with this. we'll probably see maybe a tenth of an inch out of this, you know area wide that will be the average. we don't have a washout of your day. it will be dreary. behind it, dry weather moves in as high pressure builds right back in going into monday. this weather of course affects every one from baltimore right up to philadelphia, into
. this morning we've got plenty of 60s although salisbury is down to 61. few 50s like cumberland and 70 in winchester and culpeper. 70 in southern maryland. 66 tap hahnic temperature is down to 5959 hay market. 55 in sterlings g. leesburg is 53. 7 this morning in alexandria. national checks in with 68. mainly clear. south winds at 10 and humidity at 70%. we're going to hope for is that some of the moisture that went through chicago last night, ahead of a front, some of it can make its way towards us but this front, the high pressure on top of us is going to keep us in the hot stuff for the next three afternoon and by the weekend that's when things change. here's your seven-day forecast. 90 today and tomorrow. again, that chance of the afternoon storm, 11:00 tonight that's the autumnal equinox. fall begins astronomically. there's a slight chance a shower friday night but later on sunday into monday morning and on tuesday we'll cooldown. have a chance for an occasional shower with temperatures in the 70s for the most part. angie? >>> we're having some technical problems. we're sorry for t
are gusting to 24 cumberland. out of the west in winchester, still a southwest flow here. the front is not through but gaithersburg, leesburg, frederick, northwesterly flow with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's where the front is. the cooler air behind the front, cooler thanks to the cloud cover. low 80s here. we sit at 90 in washington with dew point of 62. that's going to drop significantly and look at the humidity, 39%. high pressure is building in the next couple of days we will cool down and the forecast looks really nice. windy today, 92. breezy tomorrow, 79. 75 on friday is beautiful. saturday terps are home, 84 looks great. some showers finally by sunday. should be out in time hopefully for the redskins game and back to 82 on monday. we are going to the kitchen when 9 news now at noon i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. >>> we are celebrating hispanic heritage month with a little flare. the res
for cumberland. clouds come in quicker. mid-70s for winchester to hagerstown. clouds come in here quicker too. still stay dry. upper 70s for leesburg, upperburg and middleburg. downtown not quite 80. and upper 70s in gaithersburg as well and 77 on the bay. winds -- winds will be lowe low. 79 on saturday. 75 on sunday. again, most of the showers, light rain in the morning and we are back in to a dry pattern which is unfortunate with high darefire danger. low 80s on friday. >> thank you, sir. >>> from our weird news file, i think we would all agree if a real ufo ever showed up that would be pretty weird, maybe the weirdest thing ever, right? what about one that is almost real. to a small town in france where 34 years ago they built a ufo landing pad in hopes of a visit from real aliens finally somebody landed but as you can see that ain't exactly et. it is a local artist that crafted the man made ufo there and two people dressed up as aliens the hope is they will attract real aliens some may suggest they are interested in attracting a different sort of strange visitors, the species known as tou
. only in the 60s in oakland on saturday. some showers possible west of the divide. 75 in cumberland. partly sunny. very nice hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester, mid to upper 70s. culpeper 81. warrenton, manassas, around 79. 81 at andrews. low 80s down towards southern maryland and in the 70s for annapolis. there is a small craft advisory for the bay and the tidal potomac for saturday for these winds. winds west northwest 10-20. waves 10-12 feet on the bay. a bright day. boaters need to be aware of that. by sunday winds will calm down somewhat. high temps near 80. waves close to two feet. probably closer to one foot. if you're going to the beaches, a great weekend except for the residual rip current. so keep that in mind. it's going to still be a little tricky. try to swim with a lifeguard at the beach if you can. little brisk. winds out of the north at 10-15. winds will calm down on sunday at about ten. i think the rips will calm down too by sunday as well. our next seven days, just spectacular tomorrow. 80. nice on sunday, 79. a little warmer for labor day, 86. look at the tempera
in martinsburg, cumberland, petersburg, luray and stanton in the upper 50s and tappahannock cooled off to 61. at reagan national 69. got mostly cloudy skies. these are higher clouds. i don't expect a thick overcast. dew point crept up a bit. west coast pretty quiet except for the northwest. the middle of the country we are all the shower and storms. several clusters of these. and the energy is rolling east. the bulk to the north but we will have enough energy that we will see the threat thankfully for much-needed showers coming in tonight. the cold front to our south but the warm front is starting to return. it is rather humid on the other side of the front and temperatures in the ohio valley in the mid-70s. our 9 future cast in motion through this morning, maybe going to pittsburgh, some showers by midday. here we go through the afternoon and evening. notice the scattered showers, some rumbles of thunder. 3:00 tomorrow morning looking at a chance of a few showers early but then that will clear out and left with showers in the mountains by 10:00 or so. and we are looking pretty good with the
. shenandoah valley not so bad in winchester but hagerstown, martinsburg a quarter mile, too. cumberland less than two mile and a quarter mile in easton for our friends in the eastern shore and denton fog, as well. temperatures this morning in the low to mid-50s north and west. low 80s here in town and 64 in southern maryland. bill in new last depend 82. -- newland, 62. high today of 83. it is 4 will be 30. -- 4:30. people maybe groggy staying up late watching football. 95 northbound looking good from dumfries to the mixing bowl. 395 right now nice and quiet. all lanes are wide open northbound and southbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge will where you have to watch for a traffic pattern and you should be fine. let's go out to inbound new york avenue in dc for folks heading to work a little early this morning. everything is in good shape. same on route 4, route 5 and the crane highway. and same story in maryland, outer loop is looking good from 95 to georgia. let's send it back tonnage. >> thank you. >>> right now fairfax county police are searching for the person responsible for a late- n
. and our zone forecast. if you are west of the divide, it would be a bright day. low 70s in cumberland. low to mid-70s. hagerstown, back towards winchester. near 80 in culpepper. upper 70s in warrenton and leesburg and manassas. downtown, we're talking about upper 70s as well for andrews. 79 to near 80s as we go down to maryland. upper 70s on the bay. because of the wind, small craft advisory for the potomac. and the next seven days, upper 70s tomorrow near 80 on saturday. 79 on sunday. we're looking at again, primarily morning showers and maybe a thunderstorm on sunday. but 79 right here. we're looking at low 80s on monday. and then great weather again, not good for the dry conditions. but upper 70s to tuesday, upper 70s on wednesday. and then mid-70s on thursday. and just all but pretty much with the sunshine. >> thank you, sir. >>> let's take a look at news in your neighborhood. prince george's county public schools are going virtual. they will be able to take their classes online, beginning on tuesday, september 14 from juniors and some seniors -- seniors. both in the classrooms and on
cumberland. 74 tomorrow, 78 thursday, disastrous evening commute. back to the mid-70s. cooler over the weekend. temps in the 60s, only low 60s sunday and monday, back in the low 70s monday and tuesday. >>> most gruesome story you could have that involved a loaf of bread. officials were shocked to see a man was not lying when he claimed to find a mouse baked inside his daily bread. he was making sandwiches for his kids when he saw what he thought was a dark spot, then noticed the fur. that is just nasty. anyway, he says he felt sick and was sicker when health officials say look, there's no tail, suggesting that it had already been grubulated. the company pled guilty and paid a $26,000 fine. >>> send your e-mails. the address. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four y
on the west side of the divide, mid-70s for cumberland, hagerstown. approaching 80. 79 martinsburg. 83 culpeper. 80 warrenton and partly cloudy skies and breezy from the mountains to the cost. downtown low 80s. low 80s at andrews. 80 or so in annapolis and because of the winds small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days, 82 tomorrow, nice. 80 on wednesday, very nice. showers come in on thursday. not a washout but actually welcome showers. showers codling other friday and saturday, partly cloudy with showers. temperatures around 80. the good news we clear out on sunday because we are home again. another heart attack i will have on sunday. you can watch it here on channel 9. >> i have to try next week to not yell so much. >> i yelled so now. >> because now my voice sounds like this. >>> if you want to see the conclusion of theist open minutes championship turn over to espn two no later than 730. the match is currently in a rain delay. >>> from our weird news file, what did you think of lady gaga's dress last night? it say this it was delicious. to the music video
-northwest. the barometer on the way back up. 73 in cumberland. 75 hagerstown. mostover the rain was offshore, luckily for them. what's left of earl, just a tropical storm. it continues to head to the east northeast up to eastern canada, taking the clouds and rain with it. it's still raining quite heavily as you mentioned in rhode island and portions of maine. by tomorrow it'll be way to our northwest. what we have coming in is drier air with a front off to the west of us. that's going to bring in a beautiful weekend for the entire region. there's the front this afternoon through ohio with some showers but it totally washed out. basically a wind change and air mass change for us. that means very pleasant, low humidity, sunshine. enjoy that as earl goes away, a new air mass comes in to replace it. so cooler and pleasant conditions saturday and sunday, just a little bit warmer for monday. a little warmer even on tuesday and wednesday. may get back up to 90 degrees, one or two more times. small craft advisory out there tomorrow. tonight, pleasant night. mid-50s, a few clouds. 52 in some suburban areas. l
, 77 in oakland. 82 in cumberland. 81 in elkton. and 79 on the shore, where the winds have been just around 21 miles per hour. and again, that wind down around the shore, still coming in a bit from the east and northeast. so what we're seeing here is just a bit of a variation. calmer winds, the farther inland you go. and down around pax vifer river, still 13 mile-mile-per- hour winds. but again, look at the direction. we talked about a bit of a buildup on the water west of the bay. winds have shifted, coming in now from the north. and they're pushing that water on out of the bay. now, cooler air is moving in here. we probably will struggle. come out until really late. cooler air just in time for labor day. we'll look for less and less cloud cover. but for today, we're going to be around 88 degrees. maybe some areas south of the metro will get up around 90. but patchy clouds tonight, 69 degrees. and 82, partial sunshine and less humid. for your labor day saturday. marty is going to have the five- day forecast coming up. but as he already alluded to, it's going to be a gorgeous worn. -
, cumberland is 66. it's chilly there. winchester is 70. and go south, we have 80 from fredericksburg and 82. we sit at 81. just up the road in montgomery county and leesburg, low to mid 70s. so a lot cooler up north than down south. right now, 81. partly to mostly cloudy. dew point is in the upper 50s. and a wind out of the west, northwest. did you see that humidity? only 47% as this storms have left, the front is coming through. you can see the clearing. have to go back to the midwest for the clearing because the elevation helps lift a little bit and produce those clouds. high pressure in michigan, northwest low behind the front. we are drying out and we are going to stay that way throughout much of the weekend. tonight we clear out. tomorrow we are looking good. we go through the day with mostly sunny skies. by sunday, a front coming through, may touch off a shower mostly in the mountains. as we go through the weekend, this afternoon, your high temperatures, again about 84 here in town. we could be pushing mid 80s. but holding in the 70s, and only around 60 in garrett county and lows ton,
potomac. zone forecast, you're in the 70s in oakland, but in the 80s in cumberland. 89 in culpeper. a little better chance of a storm towards martinsburg. etch there, it will be few and far between. 88 downtown. 86 in annapolis and small craft advisory in effect. next seven days, upper 80s tomorrow, 90 on thursday and friday. 81 on saturday. nice, maybe a sprinkle on sunday. not a huge deal. then we are back up to 80 on monday and bruce, tuesday, you know, some showers and thunderstorms possible. probably the best chance of storms will be tuesday of the next seven days. >> we need the water. we need the water. >> we need the rain for the vegetation and the soil is some kind of dry. >> thanks a lot. here's one straight out of derek's weird news file. police bust up a drug ring in columbia and make this odd arrest seriously. the parrot told people to run once police started their raid. now he is facing charges of aiding and abetting drug traffickers and he's not alone. columbian police have been given more than a thousand birds that were trained to be lookouts from one city known
the temperatures. in the 50s right now and 53 degrees and 50 in cumberland and 54 in easton and taking it in closer, 52 in westminster and 61 in annapolis. as we head into the afternoon, expect sunshine and patchy clouds and we're getting to 77. a very fall feeling day. we have the changes coming in the forecast. >>> okay, thank you, bern. >> and first, here's what people are talking about. frantic 911 calls from johns hopkins as staff heard gun fire inside the hospital. thursday, a man shot a doctor, his mother and himself. mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: the 911 tames reveal more of the chaos, the commissioner doesn't believe that the shooting was planned. panic from patients. >> 911, we need 911! there's a shooting on nelson 8. >> reporter: and the staff at the hospital -- pardus was distraught over his mom's prognosis. >> the physician went down, it was a loud shot and everyone looked at him and people said, run! >> reporter: investigators believe that pardus shot and killed his mother then and himself. >> i guess he thought that she was serving a lie and she wasn't going to be able to wal
of the viewing area in the 70s. cumberland and gaithersburg 73. frederick 79. oakland is 63. you have a difference in the mountains and the bay a little cooler along the bay. pax i river naval air station 84. national airport 83. winds northwest. that front is pushing through. they have been south southwesterly most of the morning and the dew.s have dropped in the upper 50s to low 880s in to the low 50s. we are watching the clouds move in from the west. the rain, alaska, missouri, up in to new england, hundreds of miles away from us. and turnly in in spite of the front coming through, the big effect are the winds behind it and the drier air that's been moving in. the dry say with us and looking good on wednesday. wednesday night. we look good on thursday morning, but thursday we are also watching this area of low pressure starting to pull out of michigan, detroit could be seeing rain and thunder. then a line of showers and storms ahead of the cold front but the cold front is going to get here maybe thursday night. the main rain will be north. so we are talking showers opposed to a goo
removed him as passenger of the -- pastor of the church in cumberland. a forensics expert took the stand in the trial of three men accused of killing ken harris. the expert testified that blood was not found on the mask at the center of the investigation. it had been said that the mask was worn by one of harris''s killers and blood found on and help police find three men. the testimony will resume on monday. the search is on for four men in and around a county who shot a woman during a home invasion last night. happen in glen burnie. detectives a man was robbed as he was entering a home. the men struggled with a woman inside who was shot in the chest. she was listed in stable condition. police believe the victims may have been targeted. >> late last night, the so- called preppie burglar was arrested by montgomery county police. you might remember 30-year-old jeremy hall from this video. he was caught on camera breaking into a home earlier this month. this video led police to him yesterday. today, police in montgomery county say they have tied hall to a similar break-in in spencer bill la
to gunshot ssells found at the -cenee >>> a cumberland man ccused of kidnapping and trying to kill a 6-year-old girl pleads not guilty. 45 years old stephen westfall3 entered the plea in an allegheny county courtroom yesterday. abducted theegirl and drove her to a rural area where he choked and beat hhr. the trial is expected to begin on november 20th. >>> one east baltimore community ú% now fighting crime by counting on a higher power. joel d smith is live here now operation good faith.led good morning, joel, what is that all about. >> reporter: let me tell you, patrice. %-morning to everyyody.oo you know,,around east altimorr people know therees been now thee're trying to take it to problems and stoppinggcrime. they think religion can be a big help in terms oo manpower and iú terms of faith. we have the sign over there, dr. carter way. you have a real niche in this community. you do to make thingssbetter.ú >> it's important since the killing of milton hill that we move to actton. that monday after his killing we gathering, north avenue was blocked and we believe that talk is good, b
, 76. alexandria, 72. cumberland, 7075 at reagan national. -- and 75 reagan national. >> thank you. >>> it was a nail biter for redskins fans at fedex field last night. donovan mcnabb led the team strong against the houston texans, taking a 27-10 lead. and the bottom fell out. if the houston texans died in the game at the end of the fourth quarter of a field goal in overtime have been winning. it left the redskins fans crushed. >> i thought we were good, i thought we had it made. >> we got this again. i thought. >> the burgundy and gold will face endless next week. >>> longest recession in decades is over. a panel of economists say the recession ended for good in june of 2009. it began in december of 2007, making it the longest recession since the second world war. president obama is taking questions about jobs at a cnbc town hall meeting at the newseum. >>> vice-president joe biden is speaking out about u.s. relations with japan. >> emwe have to get the relationship right between the u.s. and china. i don't know how that relationship can be made right other than going through toky
. >> reporter: the waters of the cumberland are calm right now. but just below the surface painful memories still lger. >> we had ten people die in nashville. over $2 billion in damage in private propty. about 10,000 properties damaged. >> reporter: one of those be longed to claire beach. >> you walk away and you don't know how much you're going to lose or how much it's going to be under water. that was a very difficult moment. >> reporter: she's still sorting through some of the damage. after almost four months she'll be backome tonight for the first te since the flood. and on the same day ironically that another nhville family is finally coming home. it's opening night tonight at the grand ol' opry. >> you know, the grand ol' opry in many ways is the sound track to the lives of many american families. >> reporter: a song that perhaps hit its saddest note ever as water hit this sacred hall home, home to the legends and hallowed ground, to country's current stars. >> the lights have a film of mud on them. and you've got this entire stage, which had water on it. it's just heartbreaking to th
. temperatures this afternoon they are going to soar. winchester 95. 92 cumberland and lower 80s in annapolis. our seven-day forecast it's hot through friday. again, watch out for storms this afternoon. topper will have the latest through the afternoon fall tonight 11:09. saturday cooling down to around 84. should be a good day. sunday a chance for a shower or two in the afternoon. and even monday as well. cool down back to more normal levels in the upper 70s. that's your weather. we'll go to the kitchen with 9 news now returns. (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. >>> fall formally begins tonight. so it's time for us to turn our attention to the fall season. guess what? we have some fabulous local apples in the area. and my chef today is rsvp catering executive chef gregg greenburg. he's going to do an apple dish. actually, an apple truffle vessel. a mouthful with sort of a twist on the classic trifle. >> that's right. >> okay. >> what we have here we're going to start with a
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